Our goal is to offer our team a pleasant working atmosphere in order to get and retain qualified employees. The work-life balance as well as the compatibility of family and career are very important aspects us. Therefore we offer our wingwomen and wingmen many benefits that have become part of our company philosophy, such as:

  • Flexible and fair working hours
  • Overtime compensation
  • Education and training

Curious? Then learn more about all your benefits…


Benefits Flexible und faire Arbeitszeiten


Working hours are flexible at Innovapps – without tightly regulated core working hours. We believe that man is not a machine and that he is not able to always deliver the same performance every day from 9 am to 5 pm. In order to keep an overview here, everyone in the team keeps their own working time account. This means that one day can be worked a little shorter, which is balanced out the other day. This leaves enough time for the sports club or a spontaneous trip with the partner in good weather.

Benefits Überstundenausgleich


Basically, we plan our projects and tasks in such a way that no overtime is required for your success. If, in exceptional cases, you do need to work overtime, it can be compensated with free time or paid at a fair hourly rate.

Benefits Weiterbildung


As certified Microsoft partner, we have many options for many certification paths. This gives us an above-average number of opportunities for further training in your area of interest. In return, we give you the freedom you need and support further education. In addition to these firmly defined paths, we also offer various online learning platforms, books and magazines for all kinds of technologies. This way, it remains exciting for you to think outside the box and we have our finger on the pulse of technology. Everyone benefits from this: exciting new projects for you and innovations for our customers.

Benefits Prozesstrategie im Team


To ensure that our company continues to develop and that our employees are also involved, we have set ourselves the goal of formulating corporate strategies as a team. In the past, this was carried out by means of professional process consulting and certified by the development program unternehmensWert: Mensch.

Benefits Betriebliche Gesundheitsförderung


The well-being of our wingwomen and wingmen is very important to us, that’s why we not only offer a great working atmosphere, but also an ergonomically designed workplace if desired. And have you ever spent too much time at your desk and your back is causing problems? We will gladly support you with a visit to an osteopath.

Benefits Betriebliche Altersvorsorge


If it is desired to continue or restart a company pension scheme or other insurance, we are happy to arrange this for our employees.

Benefits Homeoffice


To make long commuting distances easier, nothing stands in the way of the home office. This is additionally supported by the flexible working hours. Thanks to the good networking of the software we use every day, our infrastructure is partly designed for homework.

Benefits Wohnungssuche


We are happy to help with the search for accommodation should employees have to move for their new job.

Benefits Jobticket und Firmenwagen


We are happy to support employees in making the journey to work as easy as possible. Therefore, benefits such as a company car, a ticket for local transport or car parking are not taboo for us!

Benefits Angenehmes Arbeitsklima


A pleasant working atmosphere at our company includes many benefits that are provided or made possible for the employees. These include free drinks as well as an always filled box of sweets, fresh fruit, lunch together (if desired) and the possibility to bring your dog to work.

Benefits Mitarbeiterevents


Not only for the Christmas party we meet outside the office. This way, you also get to know your colleagues better in person. This strengthens the sense of togetherness at work and the coordination of daily activities runs more smoothly.

Benefits Kinderbetreuung


The company is happy to cover the costs of nursery or kindergarten for children who are not of school age yet. Should a move be necessary for the new job, we will gladly help to find a childcare place.

Benefits Familienfreundliche Arbeitsbedingungen


Balancing work and family life is a great challenge. That’s why we at Innovapps support our employees with family-friendly working conditions: We offer them flexible working hours and encourage them to return to work after parental leave. This enables our employees to better balance work and family life. They are more independent and can return from parental leave more quickly. Family-friendly working conditions are also a benefit for us as a company, as they are more economical than new appointments and long breaks due to parental leave.