Together with you, we translate challenges, goals and visions into all possibilities of digitalization. The tasks are as varied as the industries our customers come from. Every solution we develop is oriented towards the user and his needs.

We have listed a small selection of our Hero Projects below.


Hero Project Shutdown Checker

We help a large pharmaceutical manufacturer to optimize the processes of a fully automated production plant.

Vital drugs are produced and packaged for the global market demand. The process steps follow the highest quality standards and yet errors still occur. If, for example, a cannula with active ingredients breaks, the plant comes to a stop. We have programmed software that records which component of the system caused the malfunction, whether personnel is needed for cleaning or repair, and whether the malfunction impairs the quality of the product.

The manufacturer uses the application to evaluate where irregularities occur particularly frequently – information that helps the responsible to further increase the productivity of the plant, better identify weak points in the machine or better train employees.

Hero Project Communication Talent

For a private school, we developed a parents’ portal that makes life easier for everyone involved in the school day.

The school can use the portal to provide forms and documents for download, such as school certificates, checklists, invoices, etc. Parents, in turn, have the option of uploading certificates in case of illness of the children or keeping their own master data up to date, from changing addresses to bank details. The result: shorter distances, greater reliability, lower costs and less stress on all sides.

Hero Project Document Manager

A development bank for business & real estate development ensures that all documents important for accounting are digitally stored when applying for development funds.

Subsidies are approved and financed by the EU as well as the federal and state governments. In order to prove that the money is being used for the intended purpose, vouchers must be submitted to the bank and stored in an audit-proof manner. The audit itself is carried out by the EU in Brussels. For this purpose, we have developed a bank-internal portal solution that employees use to upload and process vouchers and to determine or fix the financing. Via a downstream interface (web service), the funding information is transmitted to the EU at the level of the federal states.

The voucher manager is being developed in phases in close consultation with the customer. In addition, we continuously adapt the interface to changes in the remote system.