Do you have any questions? We have a lot of answers!
How do we work? How do we proceed? What are the requirements for setting up a successful online shop? Here you can already find some questions and answers that may already help you.


How does Innovapps proceed when setting up an online shop?

We usually go through four phases together with you.

  1. NAVIGATE: We listen to you and understand your challenge.
    At the same time, we help you understand what we are doing. We are convinced that this is the only way to create a solution that offers you the greatest added value.

    In our navigation workshops we get to grips with your requirements at the start of the project and analyse what you really need. All participants commit themselves to the jointly developed goals. We take responsibility for ensuring that the offer is complete in the conception phase and that no central issues are left unconsidered. Unplanned additions can be avoided as far as possible.

    As part of requirements management, we draw up the service description, determine the scope of work, define and plan each individual task. For example, do you have an ERP system, which payment solutions would you like to connect, etc. This procedure saves time and money, and it helps us to effectively achieve the common goal during implementation.

  2. SET A COURSE: We develop a smart and simple solution for your problem
    No matter how complex your initial situation is: We simplify your topic with the means of digitalisation. Security is our top priority, because only what is secure is good. You have transparency about the project status at all times. During the implementation phase, you can take a look at our developers’ computers and track the current status. Your ideas and change requests are incorporated at an early stage and not only when the finished product is presented. In the meantime, we also look at the budget together – for maximum transparency on both sides.

  3. AIM AT A GOAL: We test the developed shop, finalize the project, install it on your server or in the cloud and take over the hosting for you. The acceptance of the finished product is done together with you using a checklist. This way we make sure together that everything has been considered before the software goes live in your company.

  4. LONG-TERM BINDING: With support and software maintenance, you can be sure of fast and uncomplicated support in everyday operations after the project is completed. This way you get the best out of your shops, have planning reliability and can use your resources effectively.

What makes Innovapps different from other software developers?

  • Consistency and continuity
    We are always approachable, both in the implementation phase and after the project has been completed.
  • Joint cooperation
    From the conception and implementation to the support of the finished shop: We actively involve you and keep you up to date. You always have the opportunity to look over our shoulder and actively accompany your project.
  • Thinking out of the box
    We combine our expert knowledge with a large portion of creativity – and thus come up with surprisingly good, digital solutions.
  • Transparency and openness
    We will prepare a competitive offer, including all daily rates, completely transparent, without stumbling blocks or incalculable supplements.
  • No IT gibberish
    We want you to understand us as well as we understand your challenge. Technical terms and clauses are prohibited at Innovapps.

Beyond the shop, where can I get support in logistics, warehousing, returns management, call center services?

In cooperation with our partners, we offer supplementary eCommerce fulfillment services.

What precautions do I need to take to get my online shop project started? Which technical requirements must be met?

Our checklist for online shops provides answers. Download our PDF.

What could my support package look like?

Your support package could look like this service certificate. Download the PDF here.

Why is support and software maintenance worthwhile?

Real partnerships are long-term. We remain your contact for support and software maintenance even after the development of the online shop, so that you can keep your head free for the really important things. For this purpose we provide a support team of wingmen and wingwomen at your side. If necessary, you can always reach someone who knows your shop well and who will support you in an uncomplicated way.