nopCommerce Days 2017


This year’s annual NopDays conference in New York City was the third conference so far and I am happy that I had the possibility to attend it as Innovapps is Gold Solution Partner of nopCommerce. Visitors increased from around 60 people in 2015 to 165 in 2016. Both first 2 conferences where held in Amsterdam. NopDays 17 had even more increased to 200 people with all available tickets sold already one month earlier.

For the next year the team didn’t think about a city yet, but it is likely that there will be 3 different conferences in the United States, Europe and Asia.

The Keynote speech was held by Andrei Mazulnitsyn, the Founder, CEO and lead programmer at nopCommerce.

Even before his speech during registration you could feel people are becoming a community more and more. I met old friends from last years conference, and – of course – the nopCommerce team. Everybody seemed to be happy to meet again in such a great city. The welcome of the nopCommerce team was even more hearty than last year. So I decided to share some of this great atmosphere and strongly encourage everybody who uses nopCommerce and reads this to join next year.

Keynote speech by Andrei

NopDays 2017 Shop Statistics

Among the mission of the solution for the future are not only a dedication to keep the software on a high technology standard. The mission also includes to keep nopCommerce a free open source solution. The team is not looking for an investor or even exit, they are 100% dedicated to the community. This dedication just had its 9th anniversary on October 23rd – which will be celebrated with a cocktail at the end of the conference. Too bad I had to catch my flight back home and couldn’t attend cocktail hour. But be assured we celebrated during the first night 😉

In order to focus on building up the community, Andrei strongly encourages Partners to do meetups in their region. They even think about coming to the meetups and support them in person as a meet & greet from the team, but also in terms of financial subsidies. Meetups are meant for sharing knowledge among partners and interested people. With their help we can improve customer solutions and get new ideas. Innovapps strongly believes in this community and just founded the first Meetup group “NopCommerce eCommerce Deutschland”. Please join our group and sign up for It’s free and we are planning to have a meetup event as soon as possible. So this way you will be kept posted.

The shop should make it easier to deliver rich content. Therefore an integration plugin for the Umbraco CMS was developed to meet this requirement.
Translation is a key feature to increase the number of nopCommerce users and shop installation, of which the whole community benefits. So translating the documentation is a great way to promote the services of the partners, as the translator is mentioned on the translated page and the documents have approximately 20,000 users per month.

Moving from other solutions to nopCommerce will get easier, as Alexandra from the Marketing team is enabling automated migration from other cart software to nopCommerce together with other technology partners.

Migration to nopCommerce